Cavs Go for Record 25th Loss In a Row Tonight, Cold Blooded Lebron Tweet Watch Continues

by npiller88

Don't cry, Mo. You still have 9 mil coming this year

If a 15-point loss qualifies as a blowout, the Cleveland Cavaliers are nearly averaging one blowout per game, which means they are basically getting blown out every game. They have a plus-minus of -11.4 points per game, meaning the average game for them is an 11-12 point loss. This sounds bad, but it doesn’t sound so bad until you realize the degree of separation between the Cavs and the rest of the league. The second most futile team in the league, the Washington Wizards, sport a -6.5 number, about a 5 point difference. This might not sound too significant, until you realize that only five out of fifteen western conference teams even have a number in the minus, the lowest being the Sacramento Kings, at -4.9. Oh yeah, and the Cavs are in the dregs of the Eastern Conference, making their absolute embarrassment of a season all the more embarrassing.

And as they face off against the Mavericks tonight, Sportscenter will surely keep tabs on the game, but mostly for the purpose of counting the consecutive losses, as ESPN loves to do. I say this because its hard to imagine the Cavs breaking the streak against a seasoned, talented bunch like the Mavericks.

So if we are going to be talking about loss number 25 tonight, the spirit of the moment begs the question: Why are the Cavs so bad? (Besides the obvious, that a certain regal figure has departed)

For starters, they have the second worst team shooting percentage in the league. This wouldn’t be such a big deal, if they actually played defense. Look at the Milwaukee Bucks: They shoot an even worse percentage, but hold their opponents to the eighth-lowest shooting percentage among NBA defenses. Cleveland is tied for the worst, allowing 48% shooting. So they play really bad defense, and really bad offense. Seems simple enough. But there are plenty of teams in NBA history with this problem, and none of them had 24 consecutive losses. How did this happen? Perhaps Lebron was right about karma. But it seems like a particularly cruel trick for Vishnu or Krisha (pick any Hindu deity) to play on a team that lost their leader and superstar and went from 61 wins to a record string of losses the next season, and on a city that loved their star like a son and lost him faster than you can say “South Beach.” Sure, their owner ran off his mouth, but so do recently dumped girlfriends and boyfriends, and casual observers don’t seem to hold it against them too much.

No, I think there’s something decidedly UN-cosmic about this ugly streak. Look at the roster. It’s a wonder that this team won 61 games WITH Lebron last season. Their number 1 offensive option is Antawn Jamison, whose best days as a number 1 scorer were in Golden State, which was ten years ago, or when Jamison was an appropriate 24 years old (never mind the fact that he leads the team with just over 17 points a game, while he averaged nearly 25 per game during the 2000-2001 season with the Warriors). Their next best player is Mo Williams, who makes the second most money on the team, but is probably the worst three-point specialist in the league, checking in at a 26% mark on the season (Oh yeah, and he isn’t even a starter). The nail in the coffin? The (potential, pending the draft lottery) number 1 pick in the upcoming draft, the weakest in years. Think Jared Sullinger is going to turn this team into a contender? Think again. No transformative superstar saviors are coming, a la Lebron, anytime soon.

So all eyes will be on the twitter account of Lebron in the coming days. Will he throw salt on the wounds of the Cavs historic futility? Time will tell, but if the Heat-haters have any hope of the karma train turning around come playoff time (maybe a Heat-Celtics Eastern Conference Finals matchup?), they better hope Lebron tweets something mean again.


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