Cavs Finally Triumph, Celebrate 9th Win of Season With Streamers

by npiller88

Congrats Cavs, for ending the NBA record losing streak at 26 games. And congrats on that 9th win of the season! That puts them only 5 games back! (of the second-worst record in the Eastern Conference). Still, Owner Dan Gilbert felt it necessary to drop streamers from the ceiling in those awful wine colors that the Cavs wear now, as well as lead the crowd in a rendition of “Cleveland Rocks.” Nothing like self-pity, Cleveland style: Celebrating a victory against the CLIPPERS with much fanfare, even though it does nothing to lift the Cavs out of the stigma of being the NBA’s worst team, statistically and record-wise.

Oh, and check out JJ Hickson’s block on Blake Griffin: Nobody ever talks about him (probably because he’s just not that good), but the man has hops.

J.J. says no to the cro-magnon man


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