Great Quotes: Joe Posnanski on Jermaine Dye

by Jeeves

From his article on Gold Glove Winners

*In 2000, I remember a coach telling me: “Watch when Jermaine Dye gets on first base. They will ALWAYS throw over even though he’s absurdly slow.” Sure enough, it did seem that pitchers did often throw over to first base though Dye did not steal a single base all year. The coach, as you probably guessed, was making a point about how there is racial profiling in baseball.



One Comment to “Great Quotes: Joe Posnanski on Jermaine Dye”

  1. This type of stuff never gets talked about enough. Another thing I notice: NBA scouts always, ALWAYS comparing white players to OTHER white players, exclusively, even when you have to strain the comparison to make it work.

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