Blake Griffin Wins Sham Dunk Contest

by npiller88

Ok, so new NBA golden boy Blake Griffin (in all his cro-magnon glory) won the Dunk contest at the All-Star Saturday festivities, making the dreams of David Stern come true (as if the outcome hadn’t already been predetermined) The only problem is, he really shouldn’t have won. In a year of unparalleled gimmickery (see gospel choirs, leaping over Kia Optimas, and dunking three basketballs at once), some of the best dunks were overshadowed.

I didn’t check the Vegas odds on the contest, but I’m guessing that a bet on Blake Griffin wouldn’t have netted a huge payday. We all knew he would win. But this is the NBA’s party, and it can decide who the honored guests are. Maybe it’s just not a big deal.

Well, it was a pretty big deal to former WNBA star (and former teammate of Cheryl Miller at USC, not to mention the number 2 pick in the WNBA draft in 1997 at age 34) Pam McGee, the mother of Griffin’s challenger Javale McGee. She has a nice video up on the Washington Post website where she says she thought her son should have won (big surprise there). She was courteous, of course, but did she have a point?

McGee’s dunks were some of the most interesting of the night, particularly the two basket dunk with two balls in hand, after catching one on an alley-oop pass from teammate John Wall. One of his dunks in the final round against Griffin dazzled, but seemed to generate little buzz. It’s hard to tell without a video, but here’s a picture.

In the kind of fashion only a big man (McGee is a 7-footer) could carry off, he cradled the ball and ducked his head under the hoop, only to twist his arm back around and slam the ball down at an awkward angle, displaying heroic finger strength. The dunk was a nice new spin on the old reverse classic, and was judged well. But why wasn’t it good enough to win? Because Blake Griffin jumped over a car. I’m not quite sure how jumping over a car (Griffin essentially jumps over an invisible car every time he dunks) makes for a more impressive dunk, but I think we know what the real story is here.

David Stern: “We need to make sure Blake wins the dunk contest.”

Lackey: “Sure Boss. But how?”

David Stern: “Roll a Kia in there. People love it when athletes Jump over cars.”

Lackey: “Right away Sir.”

David Stern: “Oh, and let fan voting determine the winner.”

A deft move by Mr. Stern, given that Griffin is hugely famous, plays in the second-biggest media market in the NBA, and the All-Star game was IN LA.

Poor Pam McGee. She just wanted her son to win.


4 Responses to “Blake Griffin Wins Sham Dunk Contest”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’d probably rate all the dunks in order as follows:

    1. Blake’s 360 windmill (before he wussed out and just did a freakin 360)
    2. Demar’s bounce pass reverse tomahawk
    3. McGee’s 2 hoop dunk
    4. Demar’s JR Rider remix
    5. McGee’s 3 ball dunk
    6. Blake’s off the glass honey-dip
    7. Ibaka’s free throw line dunk
    etc etc

    Basically it should have been Demar vs McGee in the final.

  2. I also think McGee’s last reverse where he ducked his head under the hoop was underrated. I say this because it was new looking.. a lot of the other stuff was rehashed. Also, as tall as Ibaka is (which makes the free throw line dunk less impressive), that was a pretty legit foul-line jumpoff, which is rare in dunk contests, where contestants performing such dunks tend to cheat a little past the line.


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