Friday Photo: Starring Chris Bosh

by Jeeves

Each Friday we bring you funny/odd/offbeat photos from the week before. As always hover over the pics for bonus captions.

Let’s just title this, Call of Doody

The name on the jersey should really read “RuPaul”…or if you want to get technical “of Big Men”

Dunno what’s more impressive, 100 pts or 1-18…

especially considering his shot selection

Pictures courtesy of @bullsblogger (and his readers) writer of Blogabull.


One Comment to “Friday Photo: Starring Chris Bosh”

  1. I am speechless.. that shot chart.. is just priceless. It’s just too perfect, especially for a guy who clearly cares about his perception around the league (remember those all star campaign ads with Bosh in the cowboy hat?). Question: isn’t it a bit suspicious how closely Bosh’s cutting of his dreadlocks coincided with the release of Avatar???

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