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February 11, 2011

Friday Photo: Man, It’s Tough Watching the Cavs

by Jeeves

Each Friday we bring you funny/odd/offbeat photos from the week before. As always hover over the pics for bonus captions.

Christian Eyenga can’t bear to watch his team, the Cavs, play. Can you blame him?

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January 16, 2011

Lebron Goes for "Cuddly Villain," Fails.

by npiller88

In the aftermath of King James’ most recent tweet heard round the world (“Karma is a bitch” in regards to his former team, The Cavs, who had the nerve to go on existing after his departure), it seems appropriate to take a closer look at James’ public relations identity as it changes from day to day.

With typical subtlety, James kicked his old team when they were down, explaining their recent misfortune (a 55 point loss to the Lakers) by invoking some greater power. If James intended to single out his former boss, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert (who famously ripped James publicly after “the Decision”), he had a funny way of showing it, by tearing down his former team after a loss of epic and embarrassing proportions. But the real question is, why would the karmic forces ever bother themselves with a Cavs game?

In any case, James seems to be having a little identity crisis. With each passing tweet (first it was hints at contraction, now this), we are starting to see a superstar consistently out of touch, at least to anyone living outside of Dade county. Is all of this intentional? Is he trying to carve out a villain role, a la Sir Charles, and then wait for his time to jump back into everyone’s arms? Time will tell, but right now it all seems inept. Whenever someone with such natural talent (and privilege, by virtue of said talent) tries to claim the “victim” mantle, it leaves a bad taste in peoples’ mouths. Beyond this is the creeping sense of elitism that seems to be finding a more prominent place in James’ tweets of late. His is the story of pure natural talent and the triumph of that talent. Why all this talk about eliminating unworthy teams that may just be giving a shot to the next great talent? Or for that matter, why all this pissing on the grave of the Cavs? It’s hard to be the victim and the victor. But he sure is trying.

Still, one wonders, does he want to be the good guy or the bad guy? He should probably figure it out before he tweets again.