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January 28, 2011

Lebron James, Hindu Guru

by Jeeves

Perhaps we were a bit too harsh on Lebron.  Maybe, just maybe, we jumped the gun on condemning him. For those of you with short memories, the entirety of the Interwebs got all up in arms over this infamous tweet:

Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!

At the time it was assumed that the tweet was a direct response to the thrashing the Cavaliers had received earlier in the night, which I think was, indeed, a fair assumption. Seeing how things have played out in the days since, I think that Lebron may have had an ulterior motive. I think, deep down, he wanted to show us all just how strongly he believed in the tenet of karma. As they say, let’s take a look at the tape.

This is the timeline of James and the Heat since shooting off that tweet on January 11th:

January 12th – Lebron James sprains his ankle in a 105-111 loss to the Clippers

January 13th – Lebron James sits out with his bum ankle as the Heat fall again as they get pummeled by the Nuggets 102-130.

January 15th – Lebron James is on the bench again as the Heat lose a close one to the Bulls 96-99. Chris Bosh is also felled by a sprained ankle.

January 18th – Lebron James returns to action, just in time to lose in overtime to the Hawks 89-93.

January 22nd – Lebron James and the Heat thrash the Raptors 120-103, though Dwyane Wade is felled by a migraine

January 27th – Lebron James and the Heat lose 88-93 in New York

Do you see what has happened here? Since raising the issue of karma, Lebron and the Heat have suffered through 5 losses in 6 games and 2 sprained ankles and 1 massive migraine. I don’t know about you, dear readers, but it is clear to this writer that James whipped up that tweet, not  to spite the Cavaliers, but rather to seize the opportunity to prove the existence of karma. And to that, Lebron. I say, (for perhaps the first and last time) well done!

January 24, 2011

Despite Bevy of Hungry Packer Fans, Roasted Bear Meat Goes to Waste

by npiller88

human is on the picnic menu

Blake Montpetit, a rabid Packers fan, ROASTED a giant BEAR at his bar in Minnesota for the Bears-Packers NFC Championship game yesterday. If it wasn’t for those pesky “local health officials,” maybe the patrons could have enjoyed a nice slab of bear meat fresh off the pork rotisserie. Yikes.

January 23, 2011

Big Ben’s Stinker Just Enough, NFL In Identity Crisis Mode

by npiller88

Unlike some QBs, Big Ben loves dogs

The Steelers are going to their third Super Bowl in six years. They’re turning into the new Patriots. Sure, their quarterback isn’t quite the model citizen/model that Tom Brady is. Sure, their coach is a hard-nosed defensive guy, not a cerebral, x’s and o’s obsessed hermit. Sure, their running back actually looks like an NFL running back instead of …Danny Woodhead. Sure, they succeed with tough defense, a relentless rushing attack, and well-timed big pass plays, instead of a meat grinder of an efficient passing game. Sure, they employ thugs like James Harrison, instead of thugs like Brandon Merriweather. But underneath it all, aren’t they very similar?

Not Really. All we heard during the regular season was that the NFL had morphed into a passing league where the smartest coach/quarterback combos succeed by sheer intellect and precision. The Patriots resurgence this season, and especially the success of Tom Brady without any legitimate playmakers  was fitting evidence of a trend being cemented. As a 49er fan who braved the Singletary era, which met its end in a flurry of false starts, awful game management, boneheaded late game meltdowns and Alex Smith stagnation at the QB position (despite the presence of strong skill players like Michael Crabtree, Frank Gore and Vernon Davis, not to mention a stellar defense headed by Patrick Willis), this all seemed quite plausible.

But a look at the Steelers recent run of success got me thinking. Here we have a team that reaches an elite level, year after year, and does so without flashy quarterback play or overly complex offensive schemes. They do have a good quarterback, but not one who gets by with precision. He just wins games, makes the right plays and sacrifices his body like no other. Here’s to Ben Roethlisberger, who never gets enough credit, and isn’t likely to in the near future, in spite of his winning resume, which can only be challenged by the likes of Tom Brady in today’s NFL. Big Ben’s stats from today’s AFC title game? Lackluster, good for a QB rating of 35.  But he’s won before, and continues to do so. Go figure.

The larger point is this: Perhaps we should be wary of jumping on certain NFL trend bandwagons. Maybe the NFL is turning into a QB-led league stressing precision passing. Maybe it’s turning into a hard-hitting defensive league. Or neither.

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January 22, 2011

Angels Nice Enough to Give the A’s and Rangers A Leg Up in the Division Race

by npiller88

This from a team that lowballed Adrian Beltre, and then whined about getting into bidding wars and driving up their payroll.

The Angels have taken on a contract that many in the business considered untouchable. It’s hard to understand what GM Tony Reagins is thinking with this move. He is dealing from a position of strength (Losing DH/Catcher Mike Napoli hurts less given their depth at the position) and Wells sure exceeded expectations last season (over .500 slugging), but most of the other years so far in his mammoth deal (86 million left in the last four years) have been dreadful. The angels will have two old centerfielders on the roster now that used to have major defensive chops but are now more like chops of meat that can hit a little bit (Torii Hunter being the other).

The stench of desperation will probably linger for a while after this move. The halos lost out on the Beltre chase to a division rival, and cited financial concerns. So why is it now suddenly okay to take a huge financial chance on a guy whose average OPS for the past four seasons is well south of .800? At least with Beltre, a similarly inconsistent offensive player, you know you’re getting great defense. With Wells, that ship has sailed, at least in center field.

The A’s and Rangers, meanwhile are sitting pretty, as they watch the Angels sacrifice years of financial flexibility for a chance to.. not compete for the division crown. It’s moves like this by financially robust teams that give teams like the A’s a fighting chance.

Wells will probably turn in a huge campaign this year and prove all the naysayers wrong. But they still won’t win the division.

January 21, 2011

Kobe Recalls Being Booed at Home Once, Feels Melo’s Pain

by npiller88

Melo thinking Pirates??

As I sifted through the fallout from the recent failed trade of Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey, one tidbit caught my eye. When Kobe comments on something, it tends to be pretty be vanilla. But Kobe knows what its like to demand a trade (see the Kobe to Chicago and Kobe to wherever rumors circa 2007-2008). After Melo got booed by the home fans at Denver’s Pepsi Center following a paltry 35 point performance in a five point win over Oklahoma City, Kobe took umbrage at the fans’ reaction. To Kobe, who claims to have only been booed ONCE at home in his entire career (from where I sit in LA, the endless parade of #24 jerseys all over town makes this claim seem quite accurate), the Denver fans better be careful, lest they drive their superstar out of town. Let’s take a closer look at what Kobe had to say, shall we?

It has nothing to do with a bigger market.

Hmm… something is wrong with this statement. Melo’s links to the New York market are well documented, the big one being his wife Lala, a former MTV veejay. She wants New York, and Melo says “ok.” None of the teams mentioned in trade talks have been small market teams, and the two most heavily discussed have been from New York. Another team that has been discussed as a possible destination for Melo is the tiny hamlet of Chicago. A point for Kobe’s line of reasoning? I don’t think so.

It’s about winning.

Kobe might be on to something here. If Melo did indeed nix the Nets trade, then perhaps winning was a consideration for him. I just have my doubts that its his ONLY consideration. If it was, we would be hearing about Melo to the… Nuggets? After all, they are two years removed from a trip to the Western Conference Finals, a series in which they looked pretty close to being elite. With Melo, I peg the Nuggets as about one or two strong complimentary players away from being a championship contender. And this is the guy who, according to Kobe, would surely stay if the situation was right.

If Denver will make the right decisions, bring in the right personnel, then he’ll stick around.

Right about here, I’m guessing Melo wishes Kobe had kept his mouth shut. Let’s recall that 2007-2008 season when Kobe was hinting not too subtly that he wanted a trade. Kobe is trying to compare his situation of a few years ago with the one Melo’s in right now. But Kobe is LA. Try to imagine him elsewhere. It doesn’t work too well. Is Melo Denver? Not really. The point is, it’s much easier to say you’ll stick around if you live in a huge market like LA. Plus, Melo hasn’t really given any indication that he wants to stay in Denver, personnel be damned. Whatever Lala wants, Lala gets.

It’s not rocket science.

Can’t argue with that.

Again, like Lebron before him, the superstar is the victim. Poor Melo, getting booed by the home crowd. Kobe warns the Denver fans that their jeers could make up Melo’s mind for him, so they better keep quiet. That’s kind of like advising a spurned boyfriend to get on his knees and plead with his ex to stay, even after she told him to go fuck himself.

Kobe, please. He wants out. Prove me wrong Melo.